Your online co-producer/engineer.

We don’t believe in AI or automated services.

We believe in creativity, human interaction and passion for music.

“It’s amazing what you can do ‘in the box’, but it’s when you combine the digital world with the analog domain that the true magic happens.”

Your mix is ready, but you feel it lacks that analogue warmth, depth, shine and glue?
We’ve got the equipment that can give your track the “Analogue shine“!

So who is this for?

We think you are passionate and invest a lot of time and energy in your music and mostly work “in the box”.

We can take your track, stem and/or mix and give it that analogue feel by adding that width, depth, shine, saturation and glue that you might be missing.

“We’re convinced you have ambition and a vision for your music.”

And it’s here that we meet!

I’ve been working with Leo for the last couple
of years.  All I can say that he is a super talented engineer and producer.  He works fast, accurately
and stays right on time …”


“Kiss the needle” aims to be a close collaboration with You and our producers & engineers. With our service, we offer you the chance to be involved throughout the process. 

City of Light (exclusive video)